Texel Materia & Replicant Fashion collab
Replicant.fashion, the first digital clothing marketplace, teamed with Texel Material to organize a digital fashion festival. Now anyone may upload their photo into the new Telegram bot and try on one of the seven outfits created specially for the festival for free.

During the week, one new outfit per day will be available for users. The festival is not time limited. The personal fashion week starts at the moment you launch the bot. The first users will have free access to the bot and will be able to invite other participants via invites.

All the outfits for Fashion Week are created by digital fashion designer, and Founder of replicant.fashion, Regina Turbina, along with her team. These include a space suit, a metallic dress with tribals, an AI-print bodysuit, and other, futuristic and as well as, more conventional outfits.
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